Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to the Revolution!

When I first began to get interested in airguns, I had no idea about any of it, I just thought they were cool, and as I began to research it I realized there was very little helpful, and practical information on the sport. So, that is what caused me to start this blog. I hope to share what I learned with rookies and experienced airgunners alike. So I will do my absolute best to provide everyone with all the information I can. So here are some of some of the things you can look forward too! Explanations of different power plants, reviews on the Benjamin Discovery duel-fuel rifle, the Crosman 2250, the Crosman 1377, the Walther Dominator 1250, and any other airguns I can get my hands on! So hopefully I will have something new for you guys tomorow, the weather was bad today, but tomorow is supposed to be brighter, so I might acutally be able to get out there and shoot! Please feel free to e-mail me all your question at Airgun.blog@gmail.com

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